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10 Most Popular Game in the World

10 Most Popular Game in The World
Here are some list of video games that may already no stranger to the gamers. 10 This list is a game that has been popular in the world based on sales figures. Want to know what? Please refer to the 10 list of the most popular games in the world below:

10. Need For Speed
Need For Speed

Total Sales: 100 million US Dollars

EA production car racing game that this one was successfully performed as world's most popular racing game. Produced since 1994, Need For Speed ​​managed to rake in sales of more than 100 million US dollars worldwide, similar competitors beat games like "Gran Turismo" and "Forza". Indeed, Need For Speed ​​has its own advantages, especially in terms of graphics and challenging race.

This game became popular in Indonesia at the time of the Playstation 1 or PSX. Need for Speed ​​became one of the favorite gamers, and went on to glory in the PS2 and PS3 consoles. Highly anticipated, will this game again managed to emerge as a leader in the years to come.

9. Fifa
Total sales: 100 million US DollarTak doubt, Fifa is one of the best football games that dominate the world of video games to date. Produced since 1993, the new FIFA began a place among football fans since the release of the PS3 console. Previously, in many countries (including Indonesia) Fifa name immersed in the shadow of the series Winning Eleven and Pro Evolution Soccer.Keunggulan Fifa series to be featured as the best-selling video game is very beautiful graphics problems and so realistic. Comments in the game feels very real, so we seem to really be in a football match. In addition, its online community is very large and spread out in various negara.8. Call of Duty
Call of Duty
Total sales: 100 million US Dollars

Call of Duty series thin ahead of the Fifa series and Need For Sped in terms of sales. War-themed game that is displayed in the first person point of view (first person shooter) is relatively new and only released for consoles PC in 2003. But once launched on the market, direct sales explode and make this game became very popular.

Call of Duty series reached its golden period when only a short span of time they launched COD: Black Ops and COD: Modern Warfare. The advantages of this game compared to other FPS games is the movement of gunfire were very smooth, smooth, and very realistic; so you really feel in the middle of a battlefield.

7. Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy
Total sales: 102 million US Dollars

Final Fantasy series to be the only representative RPG into the top 10 list of the most popular games in the world. Yes, the game produced by gaming companies based in Japan is indeed very famous all over the world. Since it was first launched in 1987, up to now there are already more than a total of 30 titles made the Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy heyday began in the PSX console, when Final Fantasy 7 and 8 successfully emerged as excellent and 10 in the category of best PS1 RPG game. Yes, as an RPG, Final Fantasy has many advantages, ranging from super beautiful graphics, unique character designs, and a storyline that could make you laughed and cried.

6. Tetris
Total sales: 125 million US Dollars

Who would have thought a simple game like Tetris sales value can beat games with stunning graphics like Final Fantasy and Call of Duty. Yes, Tetris is a simple, yet fun to be played by anyone, anytime. To play this game is also quite easy, you just try to arrange the lines of the various forms of beams that were randomly assigned.

In Indonesia, Tetris first appeared in the handheld gaming console watch. Currently, there are different variations that you can play Tetris, ranging from 3-dimensional Tetris Tetris coupled to the serial adventure.

5. Grand Theft Auto
5. Grand Theft Auto
Total sales: 125 million US Dollars

Serial best open-world game proved to be extremely favored by video gamers, especially in the last 10 years. GTA was first produced in 1997 reached peak popularity through GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas which allows you to explore the city and do whatever you want to do.

A few years later, GTA IV is produced and this game is booming in the market because of its exceptional qualities. GTA IV is one of the few games that scored a perfect 10/10 review of various video game websites. GTA series popularity is expected to increase with the release of Grand Theft Auto V in the near future.

4. The Sims
The Sims
Total Sales: 150 million US Dollars
The Sims is a game simulation of everyday life, where you can control the humans that you created yourself. These humans will be able to work, earn money, look for a wife, married, and have children; and eventually died. But the game is not over, because you can still control the children of your characters, or other characters in the city tersebut.Berangkat of the concept of the game "houses", The Sims turned out to be a game that is very popular in a short time. In the 13 years since manufactured in 2000, there were three series of The Sims and dozens expansion pack that can dimainkan.3. Pokemon
Total Sales: 219 million US DollarBerawal of anime story that is converted into the game, Pokemon series turned out to be a success that is extraordinary. This game sold well all over the world with fantastic sales value, whereas most of the Pokemon games only produced exclusively for the Game Boy consoles. It seems that the popularity of anime or less important role in boosting the sales of Pokemon games.

In the Pokemon games, you appear in an imaginary world as a Trainer. Your task is only one, to collect as much as possible the spread of wild Pokemon, train them to be strong, and defeating other trainers. If you are the higher level Pokemon, he was able to evolve and transform into a stronger monsters.

2. Wii series
Total sales: 301 million US DollarWalaupun newly produced in 2006, unexpectedly games Wii series is managed very successful in the market. This is probably because the concept is different from most other games. In these Wii games, you are given a remote control that is connected to a motion sensor. Well, to play the game, you have to move the remote control according movement required. Suppose that in a baseball game, you also have to move and swing the remote controller like a baseball bat. In cooking games, you also have to make motions such as shaking the skillet, cutting knife, stir flour, and so on. In essence, Wii games require you to also actively participate moves. Not only entertaining, but also healthy.

1. Super Mario
Super Mario
Total sales: 721 million US DollarAkhirnya until we are also on the top list of the most popular game series in the world. Yes, it turns out the game is the Super Mario series, a video game that tells the adventures of a mustachioed plumber who tried to free a princess. Released since 1981, Mario and Super Mario series is already very popular since the time Nintendo.Seiring with the passage of time, there are already dozens (even hundreds) Super Mario game series produced. There is a type of auto racing like Mario Kart, there is also a form of golf games like Mario Golf. Of course, the classic Mario adventure in the face of evil turtle Browser men still remains to be the most desirable.

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